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Past: It will blow your mind

I was born and raised in Southern Idaho where I enjoyed farm filled summers and snowy winters. Here I enjoyed the great outdoors and experianced nature's weather. As my experiances with the weather grew from hurricane force winds to blizzards my interest in weather deepened till I decided to pursue a degree in Atmospheric Science. I also met and married the love of my life Gracie


Present: See for yourself.

Currently in the Masters of Atmospheric Science program at the University of Utah with an anticipated graduation of May 2023. My thesis is on the "Analysis and Forecast Skill for Southern Utah Extreme Precipitation Events That Led to Flash Flooding Events"


Future: Checkmate.

I plan on seeking employment in the private sector with a role in Technical Program Manager, Scrum Master, etc... I have a passion for inovative science and leading teams in a way that makes everyone feel included/accomplished. From this combination I want to take your companies vision and help make it a reality!