HRRR Download Page


If you have not already, please register as a user before downloading data. Citation details can be found at the bottom of this page

This HRRR download interface displays HRRR files available in the Pando archvie.

The blue buttons can perform three different actions:

  1. Download the GRIB2 file directly to your computer.
  2. View the metadata (.idx) for the file.
  3. Produce a sample image of simulated reflectivity and 500 hPa contours for the file.

Select the model type, variable field, and date of interest. Toggle the buttons for what you want to do.

Then click Submit. You must click 'submit' after you make a change.

The grid of hours and forecasts displayed represent the HRRR model run hours and the subsequent forecasts. If the file is available, the button will be highlighted dark blue. Click the button to retrieve the file.

Files are named similar to HRRR files named on the NOMADS site. For example,
[model type].t[run hour]z.wrf[variable field]f[forecast hour].grib2

Note: While each file contains additional date information, the file name only contains information about the run and forecast hour. Beware of overwriting files if you download from multiple days into the same directory.

Click "Scripting Tips" above for some help scripting the download process.

Read the HRRR FAQ for a description of what file and dates are available.

Check out the Custom HRRR Map generator.

Tap to download HRRRv4 grib2 from 2021-01-27: