Matlab utilities - SACLAB

SACLAB - utilities for converting between Seismic Analysis Code (SAC) and Matlab formats

Matlab utilities - Seismic Handler

Utilities for reading SeismicHandler files into Matlab

Matlab utilities - Other sources

SHaxi - downloads

SHaxi - SH-wave axisymmetric finite difference technique for global wave propagation. The most up to date version of the SHaxi software is now available from the subversion site here.

Note: A new release of the SHaxi code was released on 7/22/2008. The new version includes anelasticity, full documentation, and a more examples of integrating user-defined models into SHaxi.

Fortran codes

My collection of Fortran utilities for dealing with Seismic Analysis Code (SAC) files are now hosted on GitHub:

You can clone them by:

>> git clone


Other utilities, Shell scripts etc.

  • statmap - make quick event/station map from SAC files. (requires sachead from above)

Fortran tricks - useful f95 tricks

  • commandline.f90 - Example code showing how to read command line arguments in f95
  • num2str.f90 - Example code showing how to take an integer or real variable and convert it into a character string.
  • progress.f90 - Shows how to add a non-advancing status counter to a loop.


  • email: michael.thorne at