Cheatham Group


Research: Our group uses and develops molecular dynamics, free energy simulation, and trajectory analysis methodologies (most notably AMBER) in applications aimed at better understanding biomolecular structure, dynamics and interactions. A focus is on the accurate modeling of nucleic acids and proteins and their response to ligands or changes in their surroundings. Despite success towards these goals, in practice our group is known for exposing problems with the force fields and methods. Therefore, much of our effort is centered on trying to fix these things and/or make the research easier to do...

Research Computing and the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC): Professor Cheatham also serves as the Director of Research Computing and the CHPC, University Information Technology, University of Utah and is on Senate IT and the UIT-C team.

CaRCC - The Campus Research Computing Consortium ( Professor Cheatham also served as Interim Council Chair, Council Chair and is now Acting Chair of CaRCC.