Cheatham Group


Cheatham lab group members (updated 2014)

All group members are in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry unless otherwise noted.

Alumni and guests...

  • Sean Cornillie (2012-2018)
    Graduate Student
  • S. Hamed Sadat Hayatshahi (2011-2017)
    Graduate Student
  • Daniel Roe (2012-2016)
    Lab Specialist / Research Associate / Staff, now in Bernie's lab at the NIH.
  • Christina Bergonzo (2012-2016)
    Postdoctoral Fellow, now at NIST.
  • James Robertson (2012-, 2014-2016 in Cheatham lab)
    Graduate Student, formerly with Ric Baron. Now at Jassen.
  • Kiumars Shahrokh (PhD 2006-, PD 2011-2015)
    Former Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Associate in Pharmacology/Toxicology with Professor Gary Yost
  • Julien Thibault (2010-2014)
    PhD in Biomedical Informatics with Professor Julio Facelli. Now at Nuance, Inc. in Boston.
  • Mahdi Sofla (Summer/Fall 2013)
    Undergraduate Student, volunteer
  • Alex Herrmann (Summer 2013)
    Juan Diego High School Summer Program
  • Niel Henriksen (2008-2013), BC Graduate Student, AFPE Pre-doctoral fellowship in Pharmaceutical Sciences 2012-2013, PhD in Medicinal Chemistry (2013). Niel has moved to become a postdoc in the Gilson lab at UCSD effective 7/13, and is now at AtomWise.
  • Jianyin Shao: Postdoctoral Fellow (2005-2011), B.S. Chemistry BYU, <>.
  • Xiaohui "Sophie" Cang (2005-2010): PhD in Medicinal Chemistry (2010), now in an academic career at the Institute of Genetics, College of Life Science, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310058, China. <>.
  • Scott Pendley (2004-2010): PhD in Pharmaceutics (2010), now working for the feds somewhere? <>.
  • In Suk Joung: PhD in Bioengineering (2009), then a post-doc with David Case at Rutgers, and now a Research Fellow in the Center for In Silico Protein Science in the School of Computational Sciences at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study, <>.
  • Pawel Gruszczynski: Visiting Graduate Student in Chemistry at University of Gdansk, Poland (2008), PhD 2010, <>.
  • Shelly Roalstad: M.S. Pharmaceutics (2007), now a Drug Development Coordinator at Myriad Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in SLC.
  • Elijah Gregory: B.S. Chemistry (2006).
  • Ty Curtis: B.S./M.S. Bioengineering (2005), now at Medical School in St. Louis. (actually, he should be graduated by now?)
  • Steve Sontum: Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Middlebury College (and my undergraduate honors thesis advisor in Chemistry!), Sabbatical Visitor 2004-2005. <>.
  • Joe Jackson: B.S. Bioengineering (2004), now working at Communication Certification Laboratory, Inc. in SLC.
  • Nephi Thompson: M. Phil. Medicinal Chemistry (2003), now an Assistant Professor of Physics at Wright State University, <>.
  • Stephen Tanner: B.S. Biology (2003), Volunteer Extrordinaire, PhD Bioinformatics UCSD (2007), now at Bioinformatics Scientist at Illumina, Inc.