GG 5920: High Performance Computing in the Physical Sciences

Lecture Notes

Data Sets to go with homeworks & lectures (tar files)

Additional Topics

  • Tutorial on netCDF files (.doc, .pdf)
  • Tutorial on creating makefiles
  • Tutorial on creating man pages
  • Some Fortran 90 "tricks" (.doc, .pdf)
  • Batch Processing with Photoshop (.doc, .pdf)

Lunar Interior

Authors: M. Thorne & N. Schmerr

Download: POV-Ray Script.

Files: (Lunar Surface, Interior Cartoon, Interior Seismic Waves)

Jovian Planets

POV-Ray Script

Files: (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)

Quick and Dirty Height Map example of the Wasatch Front.

POV-Ray Script

Files: (Height Map)

Cutaway through the Earth based on cartoon image from E. Garnero.

POV-Ray Script

Files: (Earth, Rightside, Leftside)

Isosurface Example

POV-Ray Scene File

POV-Ray .ini animation file


sphere.f90 (example program for generating .df3 files)


A more complex animation example with multiple clock statements.

POV-Ray Scene File

POV-Ray .ini animation file

Image Files: (Callisto, Europa, Ganymede, Io, Jupiter)

An example showing a density file of earthquakes beneath the Japan region for the last 100 years.

POV-Ray Scene File

POV-Ray .ini animation file

Files: (japan.df3, Height Field , Surface cartoon image).

An example animation of seismic events in southwestern Wyoming. Script shows how to read in .csv files for plotting. This script is contributed by Derrick Chambers.

POV-Ray Scene File

POV-Ray .ini animation file

Files: (SWyo.gif, POVsta.csv, POVents.csv, POVentsE2R.csv)


  • email: michael.thorne at